Why did I create a television series called LOFTY QUESTIONS? COVID blew up my world and most likely yours. We had that experience in common. As a trained Transformational , I had to apply these techniques to survive the experience. My and I worked through a whole lot of stuff and in the end, all of it was worth sharing so here it is.

I have put all the episodes on YouTube. This link will bring you there https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgwa6flbfPFKYCSn5UsPFlw?

In the , I asked Who am I in COVID? And who do I want to be in the New Normal? So let’s ask Lofty Question #2 today.

This is a really powerful question: “What have I learned about myself I would not have known without this shelter in place experience?”

The COVID Crisis creates all kinds of challenges and opportunities and they are best discovered when I look for patterns I may not otherwise be paying attention to.

Whenever we are in a crisis of any kind, it can amplify our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Just think back throughout your life of the crises you experienced. It was likely pretty intense. And maybe you asked this question back then…What did I learn about myself in this situation that I would have otherwise not known…or not. But today we are going to ask this question and relate it to a paradigm to better understand the answer!

A paradigm is an idea that suggests an alternative way of thinking. Kind of like using a side door rather than the front door to enter the . Each paradigm I introduce will build upon the one I shared during the episode before. For example, in the episode, I introduced a paradigm about “Pause” When we pause, we create the space to consider our choices, and choices create change! Shelter in Place was a global pause. An enormous change is taking place! How deliberate are the changes you are making to redesign your life for the new norm? The paradigm I would like to share today is designed to help us understand the Question What did I learn about myself I would not have otherwise known?.

“The Meaning someone makes about what happened is more relevant than what actually happened.” or “The meaning someone assigns to an event matters more about than the event itself”.

The definition of Meaning as a noun and a verb is the “significance of something”

The event is: I am a senior living alone during “shelter in place”. The meaning I apply, the degree of significance I make about this can be manageable or not. Unbearable loneliness, separation, and loss or rest relax, renew. For me, it certainly was a combination of the two. However, on those days that the meaning became I can’t survive to be so alone, the intense thought produced an extreme emotion of despair and my actions included overeating, defeated self-talk, and binge-watching stupid TV. I could not wait for the day to end. Conversely, on the days that I embraced the 3 R’s, the meaning of the shelter in place event was opportunistic.

So if I observe patterns of my reaction to the COVID crisis, especially in how significant the meaning of them is, I can up-level my life. And curiously, the patterns that show up during a crisis exist in a much more subtle way all the time!

That’s why “the struggle” is so awesome. It is a very cool .

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