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Terry came into my life at a time when her education and life experience was so impactful. She has a unique way of articulating herself that is empathetic and so insightful. She is keenly aware of the nuances of human behavior and has many tools to help cope with life’s obstacles. What most impressed me with Terry is her compassion and her ability to meet people where they are. Her passion for coaching people to live their best life is evident and contagious. Terry has helped my daughter and me and I am confident many other people to grow in through her wellness program.

Kristen T

Terry is a great coach. Not only is she very personable and wise, but she also made me feel very comfortable during our sessions together. I really look forward to our sessions. I give Terry a 10/10, she has truly helped me to become successful in all aspects of life!

Lauren T

Health and life coaching take many forms. I was diagnosed with breast cancer while working with Terry. My initial coaching sessions served to support my mental health. But along the way, I became very sick. Cancer is devastating on every level. Terry began to coach me AND my mom.  The burden on this relationship was measurable.  My mom and I used Terry’s coaching sequences to have loving boundaries while I sought out medical treatment in Germany. We lived together in a dormitory setting for a month. Without her guidance, we could not have had the tools to share this journey. I returned home only to find my cancer metastasized. It is never too soon to heal relationships because one day it could be too late. Heather provided this testimony before she lost her battle with Cancer, November 2018.

Heather Smith

Value! Value! Value! Naturally, she is super professional and yet really relatable. What I found to be life-changing is the real and lasting effects of her therapy. She has no-nonsense real techniques to rewire thoughts and emotions. It’s great!

Justin H

I’ve worked with a coach before, but as our life changes so do our plans and goals. When I met Terry and talked with her casually a few times, I knew she was a good fit for me and where I am at this time in my life. Terry is kind, compassionate, and she doesn’t hold back; she delivers messages in a thoughtful and clear manner. We consider goals, plans, with transitional and reflective work. Every week something unfolds, and that makes me extremely excited to see where our work is going!

Jill C
Wendi Fredegil

I am a health & Life coach trained at the same school as Terry. We had a coaching session recently. My experience was worth giving a testimonial. Terry is a calming person to work with. She is very grounded and intuitive. She is a fabulous listener and I left our conversation feeling very empowered. Highly recommend her! After just one session, I feel totally amazing!! ”

Wendi Fredregill

Terry became my coach after many conversations where she helped me understand my emotions. One day I decided, let’s do this transformation coaching process! OMG, I have emotional clarity, fearless health (Leukemia as a child did a number on me) professional confidence, and I am the happiest I have been in years. Now just one year later, I have found the love of my life, we are engaged to be married and just bought a home together. I have reassessed my career choices and now have a job that mirrors who I am and what I want to do. I believe because of this time with Terry, everything in my life keeps getting better. How I do one thing is how I do everything. It is truly Amazing!

Hillary Dowalgo

Terry became my health and life coach in June 2018 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She supported me and my 9 year old twins through the surgery and recovery. This support is incredible because not only did I face my fears, the TCM technique gave me the freedom to overcome them. Letting go is one thing, but what do you replace it with? I have never grown so much. I received more than I ever thought possible. I am stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The support she provided my children and me enabled us to heal issues that were already hindering our relationships and to grow as a family. And I continue to work with Terry beyond the initial 12-week program because every time we connect, I walk away empowered!

Murielle Montaione

Terry is an intuitive, insightful, and inspiring coach. Within seconds, she can see the truth through what I’m saying and get to the heart of whatever needs to be uncovered and explored for healing. She has a natural way about her that makes me feel so comfortable in session, yet gently moves me in the direction that I need to go to heal. Terry has helped me discover old patterns from my
childhood that were holding me back in my adult life and helped me to free myself from the suffering I was causing myself by carrying those old beliefs around. I highly recommend Terry as a coach for anyone who is truly ready to do the work to get to the heart of who they really are, identify who they want to become and begin showing up as that person in their daily life.”

Amy Aurore
Carol Barry Newport

I found working this coaching process together to be the most positive experience of my adult life. I learned to trust myself, to love myself….to give myself a break! I was able to lose 60lbs over a 15/16 week period through this 12 session process. The ultimate lesson was to be positive with the universe, to stop beating myself up, to stop self-sabotaging myself with negative thoughts and energy. I went through the Transformational Coaching process over 2 years ago and today I use what I learned every day, in every possible situation, and even in my prayers. I have a healthier relationship with my son and grandchildren. I received a massive raise and promotion at my job, even my home has made a transformation. After purging and redecorating, I feel like I live in a new place! I am more comfortable than ever in my little, three-room apartment. My heart is filled with gratitude for all of my blessings and even for the trials. I live in awe of life every day now, not just the good days but the bad days as well. If I embrace the bad days, the good days are even brighter! I attribute it all to this process…it has truly changed my life!!

Carol Barry

Terry became my coach because I had a really bad health report from my doctor.  My anxiety goes through the roof when I think something might be wrong. I worry like it’s my job! It’s horrible. So we started with my emotional wellbeing, simple shifts of trust. Then we created new thoughts and actions. The process was NOT threatening. I didn’t even notice that my anxiety was softening. After 12 weeks so much in my life got better. It was weird that when I changed one thing, it affected other things. I was NOT looking for a coach. Now, I can’t imagine my life without one. I told my son about this and he is working with Terry now too. Because of this guidance, I feel peaceful, I have tools to support calmness. I got a better job and engage with my kid differently. This was so great that I now am actually working on the health stuff my doctor was so concerned about. I can now implement the tools to eat better, make great choices, and keep the emotional eating out of the picture. This August I said Yes to improving my physical health and at 317 pounds, it was not a moment too soon. In 4 weeks I am down 21 pounds. Because after I have the ongoing support of a coach, I am always in a better place!

Tom Harrison

Terry and I became friends back in November 2011 when I found a nurse kneeling by my Mom’s bedside, calming her with words and prayers. The words that stuck with me for years were, who is in your inner circle? We stayed connected through social media, and I looked forward to her insightful stories, thoughts, and energy she shared which help me during my journey as a caregiver to my Mom. Fast forward to January 2020, I was stuck, really stuck, not even sure how to elaborate more. She posted a technical question, I responded, and she texted me out of the blue and asked how I was, and for the first time, I felt comfortable to say, “I’m stuck” that was the beginning of my journey. I am so deeply grateful that the connection happened when it did! February 18th was the beginning of my 12-week sessions, and I was well on my journey when Covid quarantine hit, and to know Terry has been there ‘holding space’ for me was so healing! Terry guided me to connect with myself and breathe. I learned to hold myself accountable but also celebrate all my small victories. I have learned that I do not have to solve the world’s problems single-handedly that my beloved inner circle of people is there for me! I have become the best version of myself with the help of Terry!


During my time working with Terry, I was able to gain clarity and learn to put my needs first. I can better stop and look at what I want versus what I need to do to make everyone else happy. Working with Terry was a life-changing experience. She helped me reach new heights and worked with me to focus on what I wanted out of my life rather than what others expected of me. Terry is extremely personable and can connect with her clients quickly and begin work with them at whatever stage they’re in at the time. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, patient, and insightful. She is a wonderful guide through life experiences to pursue goals and dreams or just, in general, to help with whatever barriers may be in your way. As a result, I’ve gained more confidence, clarity and now have the tools I need to overcome some difficult obstacles.


I benefited greatly from Terry’s coaching process because she helped me reconsider my strategies for dealing with problems and setting goals. Those things had always seemed so basic and automatic but always yielded the same marginal results. She helped me to slow down to really consider why I was feeling the way I felt. This helped bring clarity to my goal setting and a better understanding of how to measure my progress. I appreciate the sincerity that she put into our meetings, and I am forever grateful for their results. I can honestly say that I feel far more confident in my vision and strategies to achieve my goals. I highly recommend this process for anyone looking to have it all make more sense.