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Ok Terry…

Watched your video:

  • Wow! You get what my family is going through…

  • Please: Help us end the struggle that won’t go away.

  • We need clarity, open communication, and connection.

  • We deserve a way to access healthy lifestyle choices individually & together!

Our family is worth it…I say YES the Quest!

If That’s All True, Go Ahead:

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What Clients Are Saying…

Darah A

Coach Terry goes above and beyond the highest of expectations. For years I looked for help with PTSD, and it related to family trauma. I met Terry, and from the start, I realized that I didn’t have to suffer and worry because that does not change people. Actions and behaviors do! Terry teaches concepts that break negative patterns that do not serve you. The presented sessions are highly effective and delivered by someone who has personally recovered from addiction and trauma. Terry delivers meaningful lessons on how to live life to the fullest and leave behind old beliefs thatl... get in the way of what you want. She has coached my son, who was addicted and suffers from depression, for only three months and the results are amazing! She is especially talented in her parent-child relationships that have become unhelpful and destructive from years of pain and disappointment. If you truly want to change and move forward with your goals, Terry is there for you and can “move the needle,” meaning create change in a positive direction. I am so grateful that this style of coaching is available. Master Wellness Coaching will allow families to heal through the gradual building of trust and personal responsibility. Thank you, Terry, for this gift!

Corey A

Hey all… so 2020 is dumb (hot take, right?), but throughout the shitstorm, I’ve managed to maintain relative sanity and actually grow a bunch thanks to my life coach, Terry Finnegan Lynch. I know this is goofy, but I sincerely want to recommend her 12-week program and all things she brings to the table. It’s kind of been a North Star of sorts, and I think we could all use something like that right now. I could go on about some of the cool things I’ve done, but I’d rather not throw up in my mouth when I read this back… if you want to DM me with questions, I’m always here, buddies

Kristen T

Terry came into my life at a time when her education and life experience was so impactful. She has a unique way of articulating herself that is empathetic and so insightful. She is keenly aware of human behavior’s nuances and has many tools to help cope with life’s obstacles. What most impressed me with Terry is her compassion and her ability to meet people where they are. Her passion for coaching people to live their best life is evident and contagious. Terry has helped my daughter and me, and I am confident many other people to grow through her wellness program.

Lauren T

Terry is a great coach. Not only is she very personable and wise, but she also made me feel very comfortable looking at myself in a realistic way. I found the perspective I needed to see the things I needed to change and she gave me the system to actually do it. I give Terry a 10/10, and she has truly helped me to become successful in all aspects of life!

My coaching practice is grounded in empathy, diverse in resources, uniquely transformational, and ultimately successful in cultivating the choices for a joyful, rewarding, and empowered life.

What You Will Learn:

  • Uncover the burdens your family is carrying that interrupt the health & happiness for you and your family.
  • Discover limiting beliefs and corresponding habits that bring your situation to its current crisis and what to do about it.
  • Develop a powerful vision for you and your family to see the true north of health and happiness.

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Book Your Discovery Conversation
Book Your Discovery Conversation
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Terry Finnegan Lynch

My family coaching practice is designed to meet everyone’s needs in your family, from newborn to elder. What happens to one person in a family affects everyone else too. Imagine having an advocate who can sort through all the dynamics of your family. As your coach, I hold each person separately and together. We look at what’s not working and replace it with what will. Each person is held accountable for the change they deserve, and everyone is working towards a unique yet common goal.